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Vetix 5 Cartridge PMU Sample Pack

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    Vetix 5 Cartridge PMU Sample Pack
    Vetix 5 Cartridge PMU Sample Pack

    Product Details

    Experience optimized pigment delivery with all the most popular configurations of Vertix Pico PMU needles in a 5-cartridge sample pack. Vertix Pico PMU needles have a redesigned, revamped tip reservoir that is elongated for splatter prevention and more precise work.

    Experience maximum visibility and pixel-perfect results with a slim, tapered cartridge design. These are the most advanced PMU cartridge needles on the market, which also feature an internal design that drastically reduces vibration during procedures.

    Count on a hygienic setup with a soft inner membrane that prevents the backflow of pigment and maintains an airtight seal.

    Included Configurations:

    1 Round Liner Cartridge with 0.25 Medium Taper: An excellent option for artists hoping to achieve clear, cut lines, precise and delicate linework, stippling, as well as small areas of shade-work

    3 Round Shader Cartridge with 0.25mm Medium Taper: The best option for the artist who wants to perform procedures of soft edges, color packing, and shading

    9 Curved Magnum Cartridge with 0.25mm Medium Taper: The recommended choice for those artists who want to practice color packing and blending; this cartridge is also known as an “all-rounder.”

    5 Sloped Cartridge with 0.25 Long Taper: Ideal for the artist who wants to create fine lines, blending, and shading

    1 Round Liner Textured Cartridge with 0.33 Long Taper: Optimal for experienced artists who practice ink packing since these needles can hold lots of ink.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Universal Cartridge works with most PMU machines
    • Sample pack of Vertix Pico cartridges
    • Redesigned needle tips; optimizes pigment consumption + reduces skin trauma
    • Slim tapered design for maximum visibility and precision
    • Cartridge tips are also transparent to show ink flow
    • Tip reservoir is elongated to prevent pigment splatter; facilitates clean procedures
    • Highest quality medical grade 316L stainless steel needles
    • Designed for optimal stability
    • Internal system built for comfort and minimal vibration
    • Soft membrane prevents the backflow of ink; airtight seal
    • EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized
    • Disposable; for single use only
    • Officially licensed and CE-certified
    • Made in the USA
    • Price per one sample box of 5