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Tule Microblades Signature Grip (10 pack straight blades) 18 U .18mm

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Tule Microblades Signature Grip (10 pack straight blades) 18 U .18mm
Tule Microblades Signature Grip (10 pack straight blades) 18 U .18mm

Product Details

Comfort and precision don't often collide, but with Tule Beauty Microblades, they live in total harmony. Finally, there is a microblade that can help you work effortlessly, while you create the perfect strokes that will have your clients raving about their new look.

What sets our microblades apart?

It all comes down to precision and innovation. Our microblades are meticulously crafted with the finest surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled sharpness and durability. Each blade is expertly designed to mimic the delicate strokes of real brow hairs, allowing you to create stunning, hyper-realistic results with ease. Our unique blade configurations and advanced manufacturing techniques ensure optimal pigment retention and minimal trauma to the skin, resulting in faster healing times and longer-lasting, impeccable brows.

Our memory foam grips bring an unprecedented level of comfort and control to the world of microblading. We understand that precision and stability are crucial in achieving flawless, intricate eyebrow designs. That's why our microblades are equipped with memory foam grips that revolutionize the experience for both artists and clients. The soft, contouring nature of the memory foam molds perfectly to the artist's hand, providing a comfortable and secure grip throughout the entire procedure. This reduces hand fatigue, allowing for longer, more precise sessions without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, the memory foam absorbs vibrations and shocks, resulting in smoother, more controlled strokes. By enhancing comfort and control, our memory foam grips elevate the microblading process, enabling artists to achieve remarkable results while ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for clients.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your microblading journey, Túle microblades will empower you to take your artistry to new heights. Experience the difference for yourself and unlock a world of limitless possibilities with Túle microblades. Elevate your brow game and redefine perfection with our superior microblading tools.

  • 3/4" Memory Foam grip for superior comfort
  • Elongated design for unparalleled control
  • Super sharp blades that won't dull
  • Spoolie brush to exfoliate the skin and help view your strokes
  • 10 microblades per box
  • Angled or Straight versions available
  • Over 20 configurations to choose from