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Popi - Carla Ricciardone Enhance

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Popi - Carla Ricciardone Enhance

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From the Enhance Set by Carla Ricciardone 

Popi is a vibrant, vivid red. Popi is designed to be adjusted for endless color range, especially when paired with the Base + Mods from Embody Set.  

*Only use to replenish individual pigments from Carla Ricciardone’s Embody Set + Enhance Set to get the best results for cosmetic tattoo lip enhancement and neutralization.  

Color Description: Vibrant, Vivid Red

Contains: Red 254 CI #56110

EU REACH Compliant, BVL Registered 

About the Pigments from Enhance Set 


Add to warm or lightly toned lips or use it as a secondary step for neutralized lips used in Carla Ricciardone's Embody Set. This collection of pigments enhances your clients' natural color, with precise color blending and expert formulation. The Enhance Set empowers you to create mesmerizing lip transformations with new levels of allure and sophistication. Redefine, embrace, and Enhance.