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MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

MicroPMU Cartridges- Expiration dates less than 6 months.

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    MicroPMU Cartridges- Expiration dates less than 6 months. MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

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    All Micropmu "standard cartridges" have a traditional (pointed) tip that we have designed specifically for PMU procedures. 

    Note: These are not acupuncture cartridges. 

    • We designed a (bug pin) .25 1RL and a .30 1 RL.

    • All other cartridges are .30.

    • Liner cartridges are long taper to give you better, more precise ink flow for PMU detailed work. 

    • Shader cartridges are medium taper to allow more ink to flow for shading and other techniques.
    • All cartridges have a straight tip for detailed work.

    • Cartridges use only Medical Grade Stainless Steel for needles.

    • Cartridges all contain a full membrane for safety.

    • High quality casings allow you to rinse the needles and use for a second procedure on the same client, as they will remain sharp.

    Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle acupuncture cartridges.