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Marlo - Carla Ricciardone Enhance

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    Marlo - Carla Ricciardone Enhance

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    From the Enhance Set by Carla Ricciardone 

    Marlo is a cool/neutral blushing pink pigment. It’s designed to be adjusted for endless color range, especially when paired with the Base + Mods from Embody Set.  

    *Only use to replenish individual pigments from Carla Ricciardone’s Embody Set + Enhance Set to get the best results for cosmetic tattoo lip enhancement and neutralization.  

    Color Description: Cool, Neutral, Pink Blush


    Titanium Dioxide CI #77891

    Yellow 138 CI #56300

    Red 238 CI #173995


    EU REACH Compliant, BVL Registered