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High Saturation Eyeliner by Teryn Darling

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    High Saturation Eyeliner by Teryn Darling

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    Hi I’m Teryn Darling and I’ve done over 5,000 eyeliners. Welcome to my High Saturation Eyeliner Course. I have mastered all different style eyeliners and the one style I see artist struggling with the most is the High Saturation Eyeliner, yet this is a very popular client request. Eyeliner is the second most requested procedure after eyebrows. If you are a PMU artist that struggles with any of the following:

    • Pigment retention.
    • Achieving high saturation healed-in color results.
    • Design, mapping and symmetry.
    • Losing the width and thickness of your eyeliners during the healing process.
    • Having to do way too much touch-up work or even having to completely re-do some of your eyeliner procedures.
    • Spending way too much time on eyeliners.

    If you're struggling with High Saturation Eyeliner then this course was built and designed just for you! This course addresses those struggles and will help you in working through those struggles so you can give your clients the results they are requesting and expecting.

    • Better healed-in color in fewer sessions.
    • Achieve high saturation results for the clients who are wanting it.
    • Learn easy design and mapping skills to ensure beautiful symmetry.
    • Have your eyeliners heal the thickness the client is requesting.
    • Minimize your touch-up work.
    • Minimize your procedure time.

    Worried About Migrations?

    Don’t worry. You will learn exactly how migration is caused, what happens within the skin when a migration happens and how to avoid them.

    When Applying Eyeliner at Home

    When it comes to topical eyeliner, some women apply less color providing a softer, more natural look, while some women apply more color providing a bolder, more striking look and then everything in between. Even if the client is using a black eyeliner color, both a soft and striking look can be achieved by how much of the black color is applied.

    What Clients Are Requesting From PMU Artists

    When it comes to the permanent makeup eyeliner procedure, some clients will request a softer, more natural look requiring less saturation, while some clients will request a bolder, more striking look requiring higher saturation. Some will actually want a combination of both, with higher saturation throughout the lashes graduating into lower saturation above the lashes. 

    High saturation is what a lot of clients are requesting and want, especially with the eyeliner procedure. They want a lot of healed in color…a more solid color result. If they didn’t request that on the initial appointment, once their new eyeliner is healed, many of them will request higher saturation on the follow up. Often times, clients that request a lighter, softer result, do so because they’re nervous. Once they trust the artist and process, many of them will request additional color.

    What Clients Want and Don’t Want

    Clients that request and want a high saturation eyeliner, don’t want to have to keep coming back multiple times in order to have the result they requested and paid for, they want it in as few sessions as possible and they want the thickness agreed upon.  In order for PMU artists to achieve a high saturation eyeliner quickly and efficiently in as few sessions as possible, high saturation movements & techniques combined with high saturation needles are needed. As artists, what we want more than anything else, is to please our clients and have our healed work exceed their expectations. I feel confident this course will help you do that in so many different areas.