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DC Micropigmentation

EASY FLOW - Goldeneye Coloressence

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    Coloressense concentrate mixed with Easy Flow results in a hydrophilic colour pigment, which is suitable for exact hairline drawings and precise contours. The Coloressense concentrate is very liquid without losing its opacity.

    Mixing ratio for use as pigmentation color: 10 drops of color to 2-4 drops of Skin Top.
    Mixing ratio for use as a color mask: 1-2 drops of Skin Top depending on the amount of color.

    Easy Flow can create a runny base for transparent pigments.

    For high coverage add 1-2 drops, transparency 4-5 drops.


    • Content: 30 ml
    • Anti-irritant
    • Hemostatic
    • Water soluble
    • Vegan
    • Animal-free
    • Sterile
    • Without preservatives
    • Tested for heavy metals
    • REACH tested
    • Made in Germany

    Ingredients: Witch Hazel Virginiana Distillates, Alcohol

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