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Carla Ricciardone Base 2- From the Embody Set

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Carla Ricciardone Base 2- From the Embody Set

Product Details

From Embody Set by Carla Ricciardone 

Base = Foundation 

Your first step for complete lip transformation. 

Base 1 is a sharp yellow that contains titanium dioxide for maximum coverage and needed correction. This formulation is designed to be diluted and must be paired with Embody Set Mods 1-3 or shading solution. 

*Only use to replenish individual pigments from Carla Ricciardone’s Embody Set + Enhance Set to get the best results for cosmetic tattoo lip enhancement and neutralization. 


Yellow 138 CI #56300

Yellow 180 CI #21290

EU REACH Compliant, BVL Registered 

The perfect lips start with a perfect foundation.