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Reel Skin

ReelSkin- BODY ART Practice Tattoo Skin

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    ReelSkin synthetic tattoo skin.

    It feels and stretches like actual skin.

    Perfect for tattoo apprentices or displaying your art. 

    This is the original Reelskin for Body Art, it's designed for Body Artists.

    Also, great to practice Areola Tattooing. 

    ReelSkin is designed to give you the most realistic practice as possible.

    It mimics human skin. As an artist you should practice on practice skin that is similar to realistic skin. The thickness of ReelSkin also mimics the thickness of the skin in most body areas you will be tattooing. 

    You can not only feel the difference between ReelSkin and other imitation skins but you can hear the difference. The sound of practicing on Reelskin is similar to what you will hear when tattooing your client.

    It's worth the money to practice on the best.

    See the videos below. 

    Package Contains:

    A3-(1)  Reelskin sheet, approximately 11 x 16  inches in size. Can be tattooed on both sides.  Great size for framing your art and displaying at conventions, etc.

    A4-(1)  Reelskin sheet, approximately 8 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches in size. Can be tattooed on both sides. 

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    Reel skin, Fake skin