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MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

MicroPMU "Gripped" Cartridges

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    MicroPMU "Gripped Cartridges" were designed with the artistic tattoo artist in mind. 

    As our industry grows and we explore new techniques and methods of tattooing our cartridges should advance as well. 

    The gripped cartridges are our MicroPMU cartridges with the finger ledge already placed on the cartridge. No need to purchase the finger ledges separate and place them on yourself. 

    Artist find the gripped cartridges add more a more secure grip when the glove is placed directly on the rubber edge. It allows artists to perform techniques such as whip shading and pendulum with ease. 

    This cartridge also narrows the difference between the tattoo machine itself and the cartridge. As tattoo artists are starting to use machines like the FluxS, Valhalla, XionS and others, there has become a need to narrow the gap between the larger grips and cartridges, this creates a more pen like grip. 

    Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle acupuncture cartridges.

    All orders will be processed and shipped within 3-4 business days. 

    Allow additional time for shipping. 

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