The NEW Members Library! MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

The NEW Members Library!

The members library is a NEW type of online educational platform. The monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited educational material specifically designed for PMU artists.

The materials in the library cover topics like skin, color theory, Fitzpatrick scale, pigments, machines, cartridges, techniques and much more.

There are artists who contribute educational information from around the world. Each contributor supplies their contact information if you have any questions. 

Most material is open for discussion so you can ask questions. When you finish a lesson it is marked complete. This way you know what material you have covered.

New and updated material is added on a consistent basis. The information does not expire so you always have access to it to review at your convenience.

I hope this helps explain the new concept of learning. The subscription of 29.99 allows you to pay for your education over time. A 12 month subscription is required. For many artists the monthly fee is more affordable than a large lump sum for one class. The information that is available is far beyond multiple classes combined.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mary Hall Scott, educator


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