The first XionS, Power Supply and Cartridge Class! MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

The first XionS, Power Supply and Cartridge Class!

This is happening next week!!!!!!
I am excited to announce that we will be

offering the first official class focused on

the XionS, Power Supplies and Cartridges.

This is the perfect class for you if you own

a XionS, are thinking about buying one or just

interested in switching from a traditional

pmu machine to a rotary. This class will be held September 11-15th on What’s App. The class

will be 3 days and discuss in detail the XionS,

how to use and understand power supplies

and how to use and understand cartridges.

It will also discuss techniques and which

cartridges work for which cosmetic procedures.

The following 2 days will be for answering

questions. All information will be stored on your

phone for future reference and can be sent

to you via Google drive, if requested. The cost

for this class will be $49.99 as an introduction.

The regular price will be $69.99. The class will

be paid for thru Micropmu Tattoo Supply.

Click on the following link to join the group

and more information will be provided in the

XionS, PS, Cartridges What’s App Group.

Can’t wait to see you in there!


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