Take a look at Yarec's unfiltered  "Brow Removal" journey. MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

Take a look at Yarec's unfiltered "Brow Removal" journey.

Do you guys remember a photo of a young woman that I posted that I sent home to have brow removal a year ago?

Take a look at her "unfiltered" journey!

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We constantly have this struggle with clients who do not want to have removal. They don’t want to be lightened, lifted, removed, (no matter what we call it), they simply want us to correct it and be tattooed again.


I want you to meet Yarec! She is an amazing young women who came to me over one year ago. During her consultation I tried to use the brows her boyfriend, a body artist, had tattooed on her.


I mapped and remapped and then the removal discussion started. No matter how I mapped them I couldn’t give her the shape she deserved, Her original brows did not match in size, shape or height. They simply needed to be removed.


After a long discussion she agreed to removal, She took my advice as an experienced artist and put her faith in me.


Yarec had one saline removal with Li LI-FT. We then decided to send her for laser removal. She had 4 laser removal sessions to remove her original brows, once we started this process we kept going with the removal until we knew we were ready to tattoo.


Take a look at our journey….these pictures are not filtered, they are exactly how you would have seen them if you were in my tattoo studio with me.


The video shows you….

  1. The beginning is her original tattooed brows.
  2. Nest is after laser - when we decided we were ready to tattoo.
  3. Her thumbs up photo (insurance and liability photo).
  4. The pre-draw of her right and left brow.  LOOK CLOSELY: It is important to note that you can see the remnants of the tattooed brows in these drawing. The one on the right the remanent is in the drawing and the one on the left you can slightly see the shadow of the remanent above the drawing.
  5. The next photo’s are me tattooing, the first session. As you can see in the first photo she was having some slight breakdown of the skin on the tail. This is common, especially when you are working on skin that has had laser tattoo removal. For this reason we created a design that was smaller than what she would want eventually, but I had to see how the skin was going to react.
  6. Now you see the final photo’s after her first session.
  7. The next set of photo’s is her healed results after the first session.
  8. You then see the pre-draw of her second session. She healed well and keep a good amount of ink so we did go a bit thicker.
  9. The last photo’s show you the results after our second session.
  10. I used Ebony from Tina Davies to complete the brows.


As stated above these are immediately after, no filters. This client doesn’t want a fade or an ombré. Her preference is a bold, dark brow. She is extremely happy with the outcome. We will do one more follow up to make sure the second session heals well. Remember, skin that has had laser removal does not always act like virgin skin, there has been significant amount of trauma from the original tattooing and all the removal sessions.


Although it took a year to complete, Yarec, now has the brows she deserves and can have regular follow ups.  Please feel free to share this information with clients who truly need to have removal. The journey is worth the outcome.


Mary Hall Scott  B.S. RT. (R). CPT MPS

Artist & Educator

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