Science Behind the Ink- By Permablend MicroPmu Tattoo Supply

Science Behind the Ink- By Permablend

Science Behind the Ink

This class was created by Anne-Marie (and her team) at Permablend. The class takes you on an incredible scientific journey of pigments, starting at the very beginning of a pigments life. She shows how the pigment is created, discusses the properties of pigments and more!

Anne-Marie goes into great detail regarding:

1. The Origins of Ink- where they come from.

2. The History of Pigments- anatomy & chemistry.

3. The purpose of the Ingredients- why they are important.

4. Substance Regulations- their influence of the PMU Industry.

This is a class I would definitely recommend as I have personally taken this class. 

I believe that an educator, I should never stop learning, just as any student or any artist in our industry should never stop continuing education. This is why I personally took the class.

As you know MicroPMU Tattoo Supply is a distributor of Permablend. This video is one of the reasons why. Permablend is a leader in our industry, their standards, beliefs and contributions to our industry are the among the highest of ink (pigment) producing companies. Anne-Marie also shares my beliefs and values in educating artists. Take a look.......

Mary Hall Scott 


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