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Tones of Perma Blend Kits and Individual Colors

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In collaboration with Naomi O’Hara of The Clinical Academy, The Tones of Perma Blend series take a 360 approach to colour. Designed to take the guess work out of choosing a colour for your client plus give you more choice for specific Fitzpatrick scale groups.

These kits are aimed at new artists, training academies and ‘The Master Technician’ who demand bespoke colour choices for their clients. The accompanying colour theory guide make these kits simple to use and contain the essential knowledge that all artists deserve.

Fitzpatrick 1-2 Set 1 Contains:

  • Diamond Pearl 
  • Barely Blonde 
  • Strawberry Blonde 
  • Golden Blonde 
  • Dirty Blonde 
  • Red Riding Hood

Typically used with natural red or light blonde hair, blue or green eyes and transparent skin with a violet undertone.

Fitzpatrick 3-4 Set 2 Contains:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Blowout Brown
  • Chocolate Cherry
  • Trusty Rusty
  • Cow Girl
  • Tea and Toast

Typically used with dark blonde, mousey hair to dark brown hair, blue, green or brown eyes and translucent porcelain skin, beige or pink undertones.

Fitzpatrick 45-6 Set 3 Contains:

  • Red Hot
  • Liquorice Stick
  • Raven
  • Cougar
  • First Lady
  • Off Black
  • Typically used with dark brown to black hair, brown eyes and brown skin.  Blue, grey undertones.