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Perma Blend Eyeliner Pigments

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    Please note, only select colors are on sale. If the color you chose is on sale it will show up as 10% off. We are working on how to make this an easier process so you can see all the sale colors at once. Thank you in advance!

    Perma Blend is a mix of Tattoo and PMU (Permanent Makeup) pigments that creates the best quality colors for PMU and Microblading. Manufactured in the USA by the world biggest tattoo ink manufacture, WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO INK. Colors that stay true! Perma Blend pigments are easy to applyvegan, not tested on animals, sterile and organic. Certified under the European Union ResAP (2008).

    Ash - cool light grey pigment. For eyeliner.

    Black Beauty - Iron Oxide black. Can be used alone or as a base before Eyeliner Black or Double Black. 

    Blended Black - Iron Oxide/Carbon mix. 

    Blue Iris - For eyeliner.

    Coal - cool gray/black pigment. For eyeliner.

    Double Black - cool black pigment. For eyeliner. More carbon than Eyeliner Black.

    Eyeliner Black - cool black pigment. Lighter than Double Black. For eyeliner. Carbon based. 

    Plum - cool dark purple pigment. For eyeliner and to darken eyebrow colors.

    Ultra Violet- cool bright purple pigment. For eyeliner

    Vivid - cool bright blue pigment. For eyeliner. 

    *These pigments can be used where ever the applicator feels is best; our classification of applications is purely a suggestion.

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