Face Shield
Face Shield
Face Shield

Face Shield

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Made in the USA containing recycled plastic.

The disposable Face Shields are easily assembled onto the Headband for use, which provides comfort for lengthy all-day wear.

Shields are designed to firmly stay in position during use, and allow for easy replacement as needed. The optically clear shields are equipped with anti-scratch masking that is to be removed prior to use.

This product is provided as Good Samaritan goods in response to urgent Covid-19 needs under the EUA. The product is intended to protect against splash and splatter of liquids / droplet protection. This product cannot be used for antimicrobial or antiviral protection or particulate Filtration.

This product is NOT RECOMMENDED for use in the following situations:

- In any surgical setting

- Where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or hazardous fluids are expected

- Where infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high

- In presence of high intensity heat source of flammable gas

Product not tested to ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 – 2015, use at your own risk.

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