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Bellar - Power Supply, Cartridges, Techniques and More

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    Bellar - Power Supply, Cartridges

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    To purchase this class go to: 


    Contact Mary Hall Scott by text message at: 608-436-2245.

    This course will prepare you to use your new Bellar or Bellar kit. The course uses detailed video's and pdf's in an engaging format.  This simplifies the information and translates it into an easy learning experience. The course is based on science so you will understand the scientific knowledge behind the curriculum. Follow the course in the order is is presented. Get started and enjoy!

    Here are some of the testimonials: 

    Thank you so much Mary. This has been fantastic to really get me going with my xion. Clear and straight forward explanations and easy to follow. It’s all making sense now!! Thank you so much! 😀Janine

    Of all the classes I took whether one on one or online, you are by far the best teacher! The way you explain everything, there is no way I want to ask you anything else! I wish you were my fundamentals pmu teacher Mary! Nina

    Very informative and I feel very confident in using such a versatile yet complex machine. Thank you Mary 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the great info with the XionS!!!!!! I’m so stinking excited!!! It’s like driving a Roles Royce!!!!!  Leigh-Anne

    Hi thank you for the class feel better about using the machine now x. Amani

    Hi @⁨Mary Hall Scott⁩. I've just finished the course, thank you. It was very informative. Have just gotten my XionS last week so have found this info great to bring me up to be speed. Jodie

    LaDonna Reynolds The XionS Class is exactly what I needed. I now have a much better understanding of the XionS. Thank you for teaching and not holding back information. I’ll check your website for more trainings and classes. I like the way you teach. Thank you

    You are a Great teacher!! Thank you for explaining is an easy to understand way!! Stephanie

    Thank you Mary, what an amazing class, you are a born teacher. Looking forward to getting the Xion s and taking more classes. Tomasina

    Mary’s class is so informative and clear on all aspects in each subject. She truly takes away any confusion with the XionS and connects all the “dots” with machine work. Above and beyond my expectations! Michelle G

    I can’t thank you enough Mary for sharing  your knowledge with us. You are one amazing teacher!!! I wish everyone could teach like you! You gave us such valuable information, also upon my request you made a video about the cams! I really really appreciate it! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    PS: even my husband told me that this is the way a professional should teach👍

    BTW this was by far the best $$$ I have spent on any of my trainings Nina B

    I decided to purchase this class as id heard amazing things about the xion spektra but was unsure about parting with money for another machine. I couldn't be happier i decided to buy marys class as i am now able to make a clear decision with confidence. 

    Not only does mary give you all the information to understand the working mechanisms of the machine, the class also includes working speeds, technique, needles and what they can be used for, all supplied in clear diagrams and video . For me this information has been invaluable being relatively new to the PMU world. Great little class at a very reasonable price, money well spent.

    Thank you mary for sharing your knowledge. Emma Jo

    Micro PMU tattoo supply is AMAZING!!! The classes are helpful and Mary's commitment to this industry is above and beyond anyone in the industry! Layceann

    Great class! Andy

    You are a born teacher, obviously highly intelligent with vast industry knowledge. The fact that you’re imparting this knowledge means we all benefit. This lifts the entire PMU game.

    Great class, great machine and great tips. Well worth the money. And this little machine is outstanding!” Jeni

    Very informative and helpful course highly recommend it. Rachna

    Thank you Mary. The class was so informative and your an excellent instructor. ToniAnn

    Thank you so much for all the valuable info.  It helped so much to connect the dots and the course went even further.  Definitely it went beyond my expectations. Fatima

    Oh my goodness Mary, I'm not even thru all the videos and this is the best $50 I have ever spent! I'm so grateful you did this for us! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!! 😙😙😙😙😙

    Just finished watching all the videos! I bought my XionS months ago but I had no idea how to use it to it's potential. I am so excited to start utilizing everything I have learned from your class. Thank you so much! C.Jansen RN California