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Permanent Makeup Designs Academy

3 Day Permanent Makeup Class - design your own! This is an in studio, hands on class.

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    Hands on Training

    This class is designed to give you the skill set required to further your career as a professional Cosmetic Permanent Makeup Specialist. This class can be a starter class or a class to further your skills as an advanced artist.

    You will have approximately 4 weeks of home study prior to attending clinical's. 

    You will have between 3-4 live models to work on while learning various techniques. My classes are designed for the individual students taking the class, so this class can be tailored to meet your exact expectations. The class is held in Monona, WI.

    This program for hands on training is $2000.00 per day. 

    The number of days depends on the individual student and the number of procedures the education is received on. This will also depend on past experiences and skill level of the artist. These classes are all unique created for each individual. 

    Optional airports are Chicago, Rockford, Madison or Milwaukee.

    For class options go to: www.

    Please email me for for any information including customizing this class.

    Contact Mary Hall Scott by text message at: 608-436-2245.